Traditional Czech window
and door manufacturer since 1994

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Czech manufacture

In our 3 own plants equipped with up-to-date technologies

25 years of experience

25 years of experience in the development of model series

Exporting experience

We supply RI WINDOWS to Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, and other European countries

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thank you. With the joy of the company we will recommend further. The existing co-operation proceeded seamlessly.

With best regards

Mr. Lukas


Dear Sir/Madam

with the RI Windows a.s. company we have only the best experience. On the family  house of my parents  in Brno was changed a total of 6 French assemblys, and 4 double-hung windows. I reached out to a total of 7 companies in Brno and the surrounding area. And 5 companies sent me a quote. Clearly won in the ratio the price/quality/reviews the company RI OKNA a.s.

Mr. Dvorak



As a building society we always look for such a subcontractor, who will guarantee the quality, comprehensiveness and flexibility. Therefore, for a number of years we successfully cooperate with Your company. And we hope that Your professional behavior and good work will ensure that we meet even in our other upcoming projects.

Petr Uřičář

The head of building production

Dear business friends,

let us thank you for Your highly professional work in the implementation of the contract "Extension of the foundr MESIT & RÖDERS Uherské Hradiště supply and installation of plastic windows and doors, carried out on autumn 2016. 

Thank you and we look forward to further cooperation.

With best regards

Josef Grebík

Managing Director

The WINDOW ("OKNO") is the core of our work. RI OKNA puts forth the greatest effort to make sure that this element matches perfectly the spirit of its time. Taking into account the increasing demands for window performance, quality and aesthetics, we manufacture this product so as to keep abreast of today’s competitive market and satisfy even the most

Petr Ingr
Chairman of the Board of Directors