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Atypical windows and doors

Apart from our standard sizes and shapes of windows and doors, we also manufacture atypical windows and doors using plastics, aluminum and wood. The manufacture and assembly of atypical windows and doors is associated with a higher proportion of manual work.

Atypical requirements for windows and doors may concern the size (atypical size, atypical width-to-height ratio), shape (inclined lines, broken lines, arches), arrangement (casement, muntins, transoms) or technical properties (extreme requirements for insulating capacity).

Owing to our modern machinery and equipment and our many years of experiences, we are able to produce top-quality atypical doors and windows at reasonable prices. The appropriate choice of materials, profiles, glazing and other parameters will ensure that the final product will meet all of your requirements for performance, reliability, safety and service life.

We guarantee a high quality of the materials and products at a reasonable price. Do not hesitate to contact us even if your demands are extremely stringent.


Do you want to learn the price of atypical windows or doors?

Do not hesitate to contact us even if the requirements for the product are very stringent.