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Insect screens

Protection against annoying insects is a must for comfort at home, particularly during the summer months. Of all the possible protective measures, a screen is the most efficient and, at the same time, the most environmentally friendly solution.

The mesh frame is made of extruded aluminum profiles. The frame material is very stiff, so the mesh can be stretched once forever, and is highly weather resistant.

The polyester/glass fiber mesh is highly resistant as well, resisting distortion by high temperatures or direct solar radiation.

Our insect screens fit into any window profile. We can also manufacture insect screens for atypical windows. The frame is fastened to the window/door by means of metallic holders, crank handles, hinges or spring pins. The screen is very easy to insert/remove without damaging the window/door frame. We also sell fixed insect screens that can be combined with exterior roller blinds.

The basic screen frame color is white, brown or wood imitation. You may choose any other color from our color chart. The mesh is dark and fully transparent.v

Protect your home from annoying insects!





We do not sell insect screens as independent products.

Please mark in your inquiry if you would like to have your windows or doors fitted with insect screens. The rough price of the insect screens (size and number as specified in your inquiry) will be included in the quote.