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Plastic entrance doors

Our plastic entrance doors are made of robust, specifically reinforced profiles distinguished by their outstanding shape stability and long service life. You can select either standard safety glass, ornamental glass or an opaque panel for your door.

The cheapest options are vacuum-molded plastic boards with non-fading colors and no need for extensive maintenance.

Slabs made of molded synthetic resin, which are firm and strong, hard and weather resistant are somewhat more expensive.

Door panels made of composite materials satisfy the highest requirements for resistance to external effects. Such panels improve the door strength appreciably, and combined with triple glazing attain the best thermal insulating parameters.

You can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns for your door, including imitations of various luxurious materials. Our plastic exterior doors are fitted with high-quality hardware purchased from the foremost European producers.

And you will find plastic windows that perfectly match the design of the plastic entrance door you have selected.

These plastic doors possess outstanding thermal insulating properties and adequate strength and are available at a reasonable price.


We make plastic doors by using profiles with different frame construction depths and different numbers and designs of chambers, thus providing different heat and sound insulating levels.

The SALAMANDER Streamline profile, with two seals and triple glazing and available at a reasonable price and the 6-chamber SALAMANDER 82 MD are the variants most popular with our customers.


  • Low requirements for maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Service life up to 30 years
  • A wide selection of patterns and colors
  • Outstanding thermal insulating properties for a good price
  • Standard, safety or ornamental glass or full firm panels


All opaque panels can be combined with glazing of various shapes in different proportions. You may choose double glazing or triple glazing depending on the demands you put on the thermal insulating properties.

The glazing may be smooth and therefore transparent. If full transparency is undesirable, you may select sandblasted glass or some glazing from the wide selection of ornamental glass.

Special safety glass, highly resistant to mechanical damage, is also available.

Full panel


Safety glass


Ornamental glass


Standard glass


Other glass options



The door panel type determines a door's look, thermal insulating properties and safety properties. Full panels can be combined with various sizes, shapes and surfaces of glass panes. We purchase the door panels from Perito, a top-quality manufacturer.

Our wide range includes various plastic and aluminum door panels, as well as HPL panels.

Please visit our special page with the complete range of the door panels available from us.

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