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Plastic windows

What our customers appreciate most are the high quality and reliability of the plastic windows and doors that we have manufactured for more than 25 years. Owing to the many years of our work in this field, we have gained experience in constant development, and we make efforts to meet the ever-increasing demands of our clients.

We offer a range of SALAMANDER® products with different numbers of chambers and various sealing and glass types. The selection of designs and accessories is also very wide.

You will find plastic entrance doors that perfectly match the design of the plastic windows you have selected.

Our plastic windows offer an outstanding ratio of thermal insulating properties to price. The range of profiles is so wide that you will certainly find plastic windows that fit perfectly in your apartment or house.


We manufacture plastic windows in a wide range of profiles, each with different frame construction depths and different numbers and designs of the chambers, and therefore providing different heat- and sound-insulating levels.

The German SALAMANDER blueEvolution 82MD six-chamber profile is most popular among our customers. This is a high-quality construction profile intended for low-energy and passive construction designs.

The RI OPTIMAL Line 3D profile line features clean lines and offers an ideal combination of excellent stability, high quality and outstanding insulating properties.


  • Low demands for maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Service life up to 30 years
  • A wide selection of surface patterns and colors
  • Outstanding thermal insulating properties at a good price
  • Double glazing or triple glazing


Plastic windows are tailor-made to fit any specific project. You can select the sizes, shapes and configuration. The maximum window sizes you can order are different for each profile.

We use high-quality SIEGENIA or MACOwindow hardware.

Please specify your requirements for the size(s), shape(s) and design(s) in your inquiry.



Our plastic windows are made of the top-quality German SALAMANDER® profiles and of our own RI TREND Line and RI OPTIMAL Line profile lines. The high quality of the materials and their precise working impart our windows with outstanding thermal insulating properties, water resistance, weather resistance and a long service life.


The glazing method also contributes to the outstanding thermal insulating properties of the plastic multi-chamber profiles. We use top-quality glass panes from the foremost European manufactures.


Visit our color chart to view our range of standard as well as atypical colors. The chart should be used as a rough guide only.


Select appropriate accessories to get the most out of your new plastic windows.

Contact us with your inquiry.