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We protect the observatory
on the peak of Lomnický Štít,
a mountain in the High Tatras of Slovakia.

We selected aluminum profiles which, owing to their properties, can withstand harsh weather conditions – deep frost, frequent rains and storms. The observatory on Lomnický Štít is the highest scientific center in Slovakia.

The weather conditions are very harsh there. If the observatory interior is to provide a comfortable working environment, the windows must be designed to perfectly isolate the interior from the outdoor weather.

The mean yearly temperature on the Lomnický Štít is -3.7°C, making this the coldest point in the country. The conditions are extremely harsh, particularly in winter when the climate includes not only frost and high precipitation but also strong winds from the west and north.

The temperature on this second highest peak in the Tatras can fall well below -20°C in winter, and snow cover has been measured at over 4 meters.

RI OKNA supplied 21 windows to the observatory, and they were installed by RIPLAST s.r.o. of Martin, Slovakia. The largest window was 1090 mm x 1240 mm in size. We used the Ponzio PE68 window system, consisting of a 3-chamber aluminum profile with a broken heat transfer bridge and design frame depth 68 mm.

Aluminum is a material possessing outstanding properties: high strength, rigidity, low specific weight and fire resistance. Resistance to moisture was also vital in this case. And unlike some other metals, aluminum does not rust.

PE 68 / PE 68+

PONZIO® PE 68 / PE 68+

Thermal insulation Uw1,1 - 1,5 W/m2K
Design frame depth68
Wing_depth: Standard/Elegant76
Number of seals3
PurposeCommercial and industrial buildings
Number of chambers3

The windows are provided with specific small valves for leveling air pressure at the high altitude of the building.

The glazing was also selected with emphasis on a high resistance all to the potential harsh weather conditions at the Lomnický Štít. The glazing was supplied by AGC Flat Glass Czech.

Based on analysis of the weather model data, the Thermobel TopN+ insulating glazing was selected. This product included Planibel Clear toughened glass with a thickness of 8 mm and Stratobel TopN+ 55.2 coated compound safety glass.

This product will provide an adequate amount of natural light as well as comfort for the observatory staff and visitors. The total glazing system is distinguished by its excellent thermal insulation capacity and safety properties.

The observatory on the Lomnický Štít was built between 1957 and 1962. Its altitude is 2632 m above sea level. The observatory performs meteorological measurements and observations. The scientists also examine the Sun and its corona. In addition to coronagraphs and other scientific instruments, the observatory is equipped with a neutron monitor owned by the Cosmic Physics Department, Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences in Košice.