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Owing to their outstanding insulating properties, wooden exterior doors are ideal for low-energy and passive homes. The selection of high-quality wood and meticulous workmanship are a guaranty of excellent frame stability and reliable performance in the long run.

The door design can be modified by choosing your favorable patterns, surface finish and panels. Any shape, surface and glazing can be ordered. We shall manufacture for you an all-glass door with safety glass or with ornamental glass or a door with full panels or a door with any glass/panel combination. Wood protection and a perfect look is achieved by painting the material with a topcoat or natural glaze from a wide selection of colors.

The wooden exterior doors are fitted with high-performance gaskets and an aluminum threshold with a broken heat transfer bridge. You can select from a wide range of safety locks (bars), door handles and furniture handles, door closers, electric locks, special readers for motor-driven door opening, panic locks, etc.

And you will find wooden windows in our stock perfectly matching the design of the wooden exterior door you have selected.

Our wooden exterior doors will satisfy any requirement for a modern design of buildings and low energy use.


Our profile range includes WD REAL 78 DOOR and WD PREMIUM 92 DOOR profiles with different frame construction depths, which affect the door’s heat- and sound-insulating capacity.


  • All-wooden structure that maintains its shape
  • Perfect workmanship
  • Highly resistant robotically applied surface finishing combined with a controlled drying process
  • Wide selection of natural finish colors and easy maintenance
  • Selection of double glazing or triple glazing (standard glazing, sound-insulating glazing, safety glazing, solar gain, solar attenuation, etc.)
  • Fitting with MACO® MULTI-MATIC top-quality hardware (Austria)



  • This is the wood type that is most widely used for windows, proven by many years of experience
  • Modern, slightly colored soft wood
  • Density 450 kg/m3


  • The highest quality, most durable wood for the manufacture of wooden windows
  • Heavy wood with typical texture
  • Radial and tangential cuts are not distinguished
  • Density 900 kg/m3


  • Highly resistant wood with a clear texture and slightly reddish color
  • The wood is rather difficult to work but the window will last for a very long time
  • Density 700 kg/m3


  • This wood can be worked well and is highly durable
  • Somewhat more pronounced color – darker brown-red center and lighter peripheral sap
  • A higher pitch content
  • Density 500 kg/m3


  • Exotic wood from Malaysia, an impressive look
  • Good mechanical and thermal insulating properties
  • Weather resistant, resistant to fungi and molds
  • Density 480 kg/m3


All opaque panels can be combined with glazing of various shapes in different proportions. You may choose double glazing or triple glazing depending on your demands for thermal insulating properties.

The glazing may be smooth and thus transparent. If the transparency of plain glass is undesirable, you may select sandblasted glass or some glazing from the wide selection of ornamental glass.

Special safety glass, highly resistant to mechanical damage, is also available.

Full panel


Safety glass


Ornamental glazing


Standard glazing


Other glazing options



The door panel type determines the door look, thermal insulating properties and safety properties. Full panels can be combined with various size, shapes and surfaces of glass panes. We purchase the door panels from Perito, a top-quality manufacturer.

Our wide range includes various plastic and aluminum door panels, as well as HPL panels.

Please visit our special page with the complete range of the door panels available from us.

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